Boretti Principale Cooker 100cm Gas

Stainless Steel
6 powerful burners Dual Fuel optional Cast iron pan support Professional brass burners Available in multiple colours
  • Antraciet
  • White
  • Black

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Boretti Principale Cooker 100cm Gas


Only the highest quality materials are used for Boretti cookers. Think of professional burners, robust cast iron pan supports and heavy-quality oven racks. These materials make a Boretti Linea Principale unique. This cooker is available in a wide range colours, and with one, two, or even three ovens.

A Boretti cooker in your kitchen

With six professional burners ?including two wok burners? and choice of a multifunctional oven, a conventional oven or a gas oven, this Linea Principale is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking large meals. In addition, this Boretti has XL burner distance, so it won't be a problem to use multiple large pans next to each other. And because safety comes first, all ovens feature doors that always remain cool.

Technical specs


  • Dimensions: 100cm
  • Collection: Principale
  • Cooker Type: Gas
  • Number Of Cooking Zones: 6 burners
  • Number Of Ovens: 2
  • Dimensions Oven 1: 60cm/60L
  • Dimensions Oven 2: 40cm/43,7L
  • Type Of Oven Panel : Puro
  • Fitting: Stainless Steel
  • Dripcatcher: Stainless Steel
  • Dual Fuel Standaard/Optioneel: Optioneel
  • Cast Iron Pansupport: ja
  • Professional Burners (Brass): ja
  • Number Of Wok Burners: 2
  • Power Wok Burner: 4,3kW
  • Burner 2,6kW: 3
  • Burner 1,8kW: 1
  • Lighting: ja
  • Koele deur: ja
  • Digital Timer: ja
  • Quick-start for fast heating: ja
  • Storage Space: Ovenlade
  • Features Cooker: Rotisserie
  • Connection value: 5,00kW
  • Energy: A/A

Technical specs

Stove Functions

Onder- en bovenwarmte
Intensief bakken
Hete lucht
Geventileerde turbogrill
Grill + draaispit
Hete lucht + grill

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