Boretti Principale Cooker 90cm Induction

5 powerful cooking zones 'au Bain Marie' function Keep-warm function Booster function Easy to use by means of knobs
  • Antraciet
  • Stainless Steel
  • White

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Boretti Principale Cooker 90cm Induction


Boretti provides cookers for any cooking style. With single or double oven. With or without storage underneath the cooker. In any colour you want. With four, five, or six maintenance-friendly brass burners. And, with or without Fry-Top. In short: every cooking enthusiast can own a tailored Boretti Linea Principale.

Boretti cooker for effortless cooking

Another characteristic of Boretti Linea Principale cookers is their design and quality. The cast iron pan supports, which will keep all your pans firmly in place while you're cooking, are also typically Boretti. The cooking zones have been placed further apart, so you can easily use multiple large pans next to each other. At Boretti, everything revolves about convenience of cooking and passione in cucina.

Technical specs


  • Dimensions: 90cm
  • Collection: Principale
  • Cooker Type: Induction
  • Number Of Cooking Zones: 5 Induction zones
  • Number Of Ovens: 1
  • Dimensions Oven 1: 80cm/89L
  • Type Of Oven Panel : Puro
  • Fitting: Stainless Steel
  • Dripcatcher: Stainless Steel
  • Zones 1: 1x ø 145mm 1400/2200W
  • Zones 2: 2x ø 180mm 1850/3000W
  • Zones 3: 1x ø 210mm 2300/3700W
  • Zones 4: 1x ø 260mm 2600/3700W
  • Lighting: ja
  • Koele deur: ja
  • Digital Timer: ja
  • Quick-start for fast heating: ja
  • Storage Space: Ovenlade
  • Features Cooker: Rotisserie
  • Connection value: 13,2kW
  • Oven temperature: 30ºC – 300ºC

Technical specs

Stove Functions

Onder- en bovenwarmte
Intensief bakken
Hete lucht
Geventileerde turbogrill
Grill + draaispit

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Also available in the following colours:
  • Antraciet
  • Stainless Steel
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Also available in the following colours:
  • Antraciet
  • Stainless Steel
  • Old white
Also available in the following colours:
  • Antraciet
  • Stainless Steel

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