Boretti Toscana Induction Cooker Double Oven 89,7cm

Old white
Turnspit included Safety: cool door(s) Oven temperature: 50°C - 250°C; slow cooking and baking intens Optional: choose your own colour
Stainless steel drip catcher Two boosters Four cooking zones Towel handle on front side Adjustable feet up to 97,5cm high
  • Antraciet
  • Stainless Steel
  • Black

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Boretti Toscana Induction Cooker Double Oven 89,7cm


This cooker has an induction range and its user friendliness, Italian design and energy-efficient cooking make it the star of every kitchen. The buttons and knobs make both the oven and the range easy to control, allowing you to set the perfect temperature and choose which cooking system you'd like to use. Toscana Line induction cookers are 89,7cm wide and available in colours that will easily blend with the rest of your kitchen: anthracite, stainless steel, old white or black. The ovens are versatile and the range is extremely safe. Heat is only generated when the induction zone comes into contact with a pan, which means hardly any energy is wasted. Precision temperature regulation makes the cooker ideal for a wide range of cooking techniques. Another advantage is how easy it is to keep the cook top clean. Induction cooking is easy with a stylish Boretti cooker.

Technical specs


  • Dimensions: 89,7cm
  • Collection: Toscana
  • Cooker Type: Induction
  • Number Of Cooking Zones: 4 inductiezones
  • Number Of Ovens: 2
  • Dimensions Oven 1: 60cm/60L
  • Dimensions Oven 2: 30cm/36L
  • Type Of Oven Panel : Puro
  • Fitting: Stainless Steel/Black
  • Dripcatcher: Stainless Steel
  • Zones 1: 2x ø 160mm 1400W
  • Zones 2: 2x ø 200mm 2000W
  • Lighting: ja
  • Koele deur: ja
  • Digital Timer: ja
  • Telescopic Rails: ja
  • Storage Space: Opbergvak
  • Features Cooker: Rotisserie
  • Connection value: 11,1kW
  • Energy: B/B

Technical specs

Stove Functions

Onder- en bovenwarmte
Intensief bakken
Hete lucht
Geventileerde turbogrill
Grill + draaispit

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