Boretti Gas Hob 90cm

Stainless Steel
5 powerful burners Easy to use by means of knobs Cast iron pan support Wok burner Aluminium burners

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Boretti Gas Hob 90cm


Convenience of cooking is paramount in this Boretti gas hob. But there are some more key characteristics. The cast iron pan support, the large wok burner which is suitable for any large wok or wadjan, and the professional brass burners are just some of them. The brass burners are silent and easy to keep clean.

Gas hob with five burners

This modern Boretti gas hob offers a lot of cooking comfort. There is room for up to five pans on the hob. You can prepare your veggies in a large wok, and there is room on the burners for pans with pasta, meat, a delicious sauce and some roasted pine seeds as topping.

Technical specs


  • Dimensions: 90cm
  • Type Kookplaat: Gas
  • Number Of Cooking Zones: 5
  • Controle: Buttons
  • Number Of Wok Burners: 1
  • Power Wok Burner: 3,8kW
  • Cast Iron Pansupport: ja
  • Built-in: ja
  • Connection value: 0,05kW
  • Number Of Burners: 2



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