Plasma filters

The Boretti plasma filters release pure, clean air into the room and work with plasma technology. The air is thoroughly purified and what remains is extremely clean air. The plasma filters have passed rigorous tests and are real air purifiers. Even if you are not cooking, you can turn on the hood at the lowest level. With the Boretti plasma filters, it’s important to regularly turn them on - before and after use of the hood – for 10 minutes at the lowest level. This allows the air in both the kitchen and the room to be freshened and the plasma filter to clean itself. The filters are easy to install and include all the necessary connecting materials for installing the filters. The plasma filter auto-activates the moment the hood is turned on. The impure air is purified safely, after which the filter releases the air.

Plasma Filters

Plasma filters by Boretti

Plasma filters by Boretti

The Boretti plasma filters are round plasma filters which can be installed on every new and existing hood and depending per model, on various duct diameters. The plasma filters are innovative because:

All impure air in both the kitchen and the whole room is purified by 98 percent. Contrary to traditional carbon filters and other plasma filters, these filters will last a lifetime. Impure air is purified in no time, without any need for a ventilation shaft. This also results in households saving energy. The different models are not only filters for hoods, they are also real air purifiers that remove pollen, bacteria and all allergenic substances from the air, including cigarette smoke. The plasma filters are silent. Our plasma filters are well-functioning filters with no ozone release.