Italian cooking is defined by tasty ingredients, passion, stylish design, functional equipment, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying delicious meals together. Our blogs offer tips and inspiration, so you can experience the Italian passion for cooking, eating, coffee and design, and to create an Italian ambiance in your own home.

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The tradition of aperitivo in the Netherlands

history of l'aperitivo

The aperitivo on an Italian day is the time between la passeggiata and la cena, a moment to relax with friends. During the aperitivo, you celebrate being together with friends, getting in the spirit for la cena: dinner.

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Aperitivo Negroni

campari, gin & vermouth

The Aperitivo was created as a functional and uncomplicated way to spend time with friends and/or family. Boretti stimulates the social aspect by making cooking in Italian life style pleasant. Enjoying an Aperitivo with friends while the barbecue is warming up outside is a very good way to spend quality time together. With the Aperitivo, you should have a drink, as every Italian knows.

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Aperol Spritz

an Italian classic

We all know the the classic image of Italians drinking a cocktail on a piazza, right before dinner time. Italy is the country of the aperitivo, or aperitif, a cocktail with just a little alcohol that is usually drunk before dinner, meant to stimulate the appetite. 

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