Italian cooking is defined by tasty ingredients, passion, stylish design, functional equipment, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying delicious meals together. Our blogs offer tips and inspiration, so you can experience the Italian passion for cooking, eating, coffee and design, and to create an Italian ambiance in your own home.

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Make the best cappuccino at home

for the perfect white moustache

Many people are a big fan of the cappuccino, both in Italy and elsewhere. But not everyone knows that you can easily make a good cappuccino at home. Especially when the temperature of the coffee is adjusted correctly, and you familiarise yourself with the steam and amount of froth.

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What coffee does an Italian order?

from espresso to maroccino

A latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso or americano... Luckily, these types of coffees have been well-established in the Netherlands and are available in virtually every coffee shop. The menu is continuously supplemented with more coffee types. In Italy, the number of types is beyond counting, as well as the way of drinking the coffee.

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One caffè espresso, please!

dark & rich

The perfect barista doesn't exist. At least, there are very few who can call themselves that, in all honesty. The professional barista must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas: in addition to operating the register, they have to keep the bar tidy and clean, deal with the customers in a friendly manner, but most importantly... they must be able to serve a good espresso. 

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