Modern Kitchens

A modern kitchen can easily be recognised by its straight lines and angled, long shapes. A modern kitchen is characterised by symmetry. In classic kitchens, you often find more intricate details. In modern kitchens, the lines are clean and the volumes are largely uniform. That way, the kitchen feels serene and balanced.
Characteristic for the modern kitchen is the use of drawers without handles. Instead of handles, the drawers and kitchen cabinets have recesses in them that allow you to pull them open. This makes the design of the kitchen even more sleek. Because of its clean, long lines and the simplicity of its design, the modern kitchen usually has a calm appeal, making the room look more spacious. The modern and luxurious Boretti kitchen appliances go perfectly with the style of a modern kitchen. For inspiration, we have put together some examples of sleek and modern kitchens.           

Kitchen appliances in a modern kitchen
One of the essential elements in a modern kitchen is the equipment. In most cases, the newest kitchen appliances are integrated in the modern kitchen. Having freestanding appliances is a thing of the past in modern kitchens. Boretti kitchen appliances, with their sleek yet warm look, fit perfectly in a modern kitchen.
The design of a modern kitchen isn't complete without the use of a modern-looking tap, that reflects the choice of material for the countertop and other kitchen appliances. The clean design of Boretti taps, made from chrome or brushed chrome, will be the perfect finish for your kitchen.

Use of colours in a modern kitchen
Often, the modern kitchen will be high gloss black or white. However, there are plenty, diverse possibilities for mixing this up. By choosing to have part of the kitchen in a different colour, or by painting the walls a different colour, you easily add a personal touch and create a different feel for your kitchen. This will often achieve a surprisingly fun design.
Aside from a high gloss finish, you can also give a modern kitchen a unique look by choosing matte kitchen cabinets or by adding stainless steel, chrome, metal or glass details. Boretti kitchen appliances easily mix with any choice of colour for your kitchen. Have a look at the images below for inspiration.

Modern kitchen with kitchen island
An important part of most modern kitchens is the kitchen island. By adding a kitchen island, you can give your kitchen a more open appearance. This automatically makes the kitchen a bigger part of the rest of the house. Often, the kitchen island is the culinary centre of the kitchen, where you can enjoy cooking meals together. Additionally, a kitchen island can act as a dining table or work space. This adds to the ambiance of the kitchen, allowing you to create a true family kitchen.
The high-quality Boretti kitchen appliances go perfectly in a kitchen with a kitchen island. Think of the gorgeous cookers, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers. Check out the examples below for inspiration!

Small modern kitchens
Is your kitchen small and would you like it to look spacious? A modern kitchen is the perfect solution for a small space. Because of the clean lines of the kitchen cabinets and the integrated kitchen appliances, you can make the kitchen look large and spacious. Additionally, make sure to minimise the amount of kitchen cabinets. This way, you will have freedom of movement in your small kitchen.
Small kitchens call for bright and neutral colours. Bright colours make a kitchen feel more spacious. Boretti offers suitable appliances for small kitchens too. Check out how these appliances can be integrated below, and let yourself be inspired!

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