Italian Kitchens

Italian cuisine is also known as gourmet cuisine. Italian cuisine owes this fame to the Italian dishes that are popular throughout the world: pasta and pizza. The preparation of these dishes is key to the layout of Italian kitchens. Italian kitchens are not just designed with the luxurious Italian style in mind, but are also adapted to the standard working method of Italians.

Design of Italian kitchens
The design of an Italian kitchen can be recognised by being sleek and bright. The design is usually authentic yet modern. You will often find Italian kitchens have kitchen cabinets with a clean finish and invisible handles. Italians have a great love for design, and partly due to the warm climate, most Italian kitchens will be white.
An Italian kitchen has to fit perfectly with the dining room. Imagine a large dining table, around which the family life revolves. The space must be arranged in such a way that there is enough space to enjoy delicious dinners with the whole 'famiglia'. Boretti kitchen appliances go perfectly with this style and ambiance. Have a look at an example of an Italian kitchen below and let yourself be inspired!

Italian kitchen with an Italian cooker
An Italian kitchen wouldn't be complete without an Italian cooker. Our Boretti cookers are a perfect example. Italian cookers stand out because of their impressiveness. They are wide, have a lot of functions, many burners and are provided with all the conveniences you could need. These features, and the Italian penchant for design, combine to make the ideal cooker.
Boretti has many years of experience in creating legendary cookers. This experience has also resulted in a complete oven series that guarantees exceptional baking results. From the professional kitchen, techniques such as multi-steaming, high-temperature pizza baking, and low-temperature cooking (also called slow cooking) were adopted. Simple, safe and authentic! Have a look at our cookers and let yourself be inspired.                    

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