Rustic Kitchens

A rustic kitchen is characterised by the use of natural materials, such as wood, in combination with cosy and warm colours. Another important characteristic of rustic kitchens is the decorative finishes. These decorative finishes can be found in the cabinet handles, cabinet doors or accessories. If you're not a big fan of these finishes, or aren't really into the use of wood, a sleek or modern kitchen might be your thing. You can create multiple styles within the rustic kitchen style by playing around with the details. By minimising the amount of details, you can create a modern kitchen, and conversely, when you maximise on details you can give your kitchen a classic look.
Boretti kitchen appliances fit perfectly in a rustic kitchen. We have put together various stylish rustic kitchen ideas to inspire you. We'd like to show you how Boretti products have been used in these styles. We distinguish a couple of rustic kitchen styles:

  • Sleek & modern rustic kitchens
  • Small rustic kitchens
  • Rustic kitchens with a kitchen island
  • All-wood rustic kitchens
  • Black & white rustic kitchens

Sleek & modern rustic kitchens
People often think that sleek and modern don't mix with rustic. And yet, this is a combination that can work perfectly. Rustic modern kitchens are an ideal mix between a cosy look and modern convenience. If you enjoy the sleek and modern look, the rustic kitchen style gives you a lot of options to work with.
Rustic kitchens are known for the use of natural materials. For example, wood is a popular material in these kitchens. If you give your wooden kitchen cabinets a clean finish, the kitchen will quickly get that sleek and modern appeal. Discover which Boretti products fit this type of kitchen and let yourself be inspired by the images below!

Small rustic kitchens
Is your kitchen small? If so, it might seem more difficult to create a certain style. Luckily, there are plenty of options to give a small kitchen that warm, rustic look as well. You want to make the most of the available space, without the kitchen looking messy and crowded. We advise installing a limited number of kitchen cabinets, allowing you freedom of movement in the kitchen.
Small kitchens call for light and neutral colours. The colours make the kitchen feel more spacious. The walls, floor and ceiling play an important part in this as well. You can create a feeling of spaciousness by giving the walls and ceiling a light colour, and the floor a slightly darker one. Boretti has suitable appliances for small kitchens too. Check out these images below to learn how these elements can be incorporated and let yourself be inspired!

Rustic kitchen with kitchen island
A kitchen island turns the kitchen into the heart of your home. Over the past few years, the kitchen has become increasingly important. It used to be just the room where you cooked your meals, but nowadays, it has become part of the living space. A kitchen island is separate from the rest of the kitchen and can also function as a dining table or work space. That makes the rustic kitchen with kitchen island the dream of anyone who loves to cook. It will give you plenty of space to do so!
Another advantage of a kitchen island is the possibility of creating additional storage space. You could easily incorporate large drawers or cabinets underneath the worktop of a kitchen island. The high-quality kitchen appliances of Boretti go perfectly in a kitchen with kitchen island. For instance, the beautiful cookers, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers.

All-wood rustic kitchens
Wood is the number one material for the rustic kitchen. All-wood rustic kitchens are widely popular. Are you looking for a mix between rustic and modern? Then go for a clean finish of your wooden details. Are you going for that all-in rustic farmhouse kitchen style? Then you can leave the wood a bit more robust and unfinished. Whatever you decide, wood is the perfect basis for a rustic kitchen.
An all-wood kitchen should go with impressive kitchen appliances. Think of large tables made of aged wood and a freestanding oven. Not only do these appliances reinforce the robust style of the kitchen, they also provide you the luxurious convenience you are looking for. An all-wood kitchen and the robust appliances of Boretti are the perfect combination.

Black & white rustic kitchens
Black and white might not be the colours that first come to mind when you imagine a rustic kitchen. And yet, there are plenty of options for those that love black and white, but still like a rustic look for their kitchen. A black kitchen gives your interior a luxurious feel. Black might seem a bit too dark for a kitchen at first, but when you have a lot of natural light flowing into your home, a black kitchen gives it a high-class look. A white kitchen will create a feeling of serenity and space. This colour is fresh and timeless. A white kitchen is very versatile and can therefore be combined with any type of interior. Black and white go with any kitchen style: from classic to modern.
If you choose these colours for your rustic kitchen, it is essential that you also choose decorative handles and kitchen cabinets. A wooden floor might also add to the rustic appearance of the kitchen. Boretti offers various kitchen appliances that go perfectly with a black or white rustic kitchen. Think of luxurious cookers, hoods and built-in appliances. Have a look at our extensive selection of kitchen appliances and let yourself be inspired!

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