FAQ: Dishwashers

  • The dishwasher is not working

    If the dishwasher does not start immediately after selecting a programme:

    • Is the door closed properly?
    • Is the indicator light on?

    If not: please check the fuse or residual-current circuit breaker in the meter cupboard.
    If yes: press the programme button for at least 10 seconds to reset the dishwasher. You will hear a confirmation signal following which you will be able to select a programme.

  • Insufficient water supply

    Check whether the tap is fully open, and that there are no interruptions in the water supply. If this is not the case, you can check the water supply.

    1. Switch off the dishwasher
    2. Close the water tap
    3. Disconnect the water inlet hose
    4. Clean the filter
    5. Check whether water is flowing from the water tap
    6. Reconnect the water inlet hose to the water tap
    7. Switch on the dishwasher
    8. Select a programme

  • Waste water in the machine

    Error code F2 means the water drain hose is clogged. 

    • The filters of your dishwasher could be clogged. First switch off the dishwasher and cancel the chosen programme by pressing the programme button for 10 seconds. Subsequently remove the filter (in the bottom of the dishwasher) from the machine. Clean the filter under the running tap, possibly with a washing-up brush. Place the filter in the machine.
    • The drain pump is blocked. You can often recognise this from a humming noise. Remove the filters and anti-slurp cap to remove the blockage. Be careful when doing this.

  • Should I install the supplied moisture resistant strip/panel?

    Yes, this prevents moisture damage to the (wooden) countertop.

  • My dishes aren't dry after the programme finishes

    You should ALWAYS use rinse aid. Even when you use 3-in-1 tablets. Tupperware/plastic doesn't dry, because the rinse aid doesn't adhere to it.

  • After opening, the door falls down

    The spring tension needs to be readjusted. See mounting instructions.

  • The spring tension needs to be readjusted. See mounting instructions.

    This is often caused by installing the dishwasher too deep into the recess, or it not being level.

  • Dishwasher doesn't heat up

    Turn on the main cleaning programme. After 30 minutes, open the door and feel. Is it not warm? Then please contact our service department.