FAQ: Extractor Hoods

Power of an extractor hood. What is necessary?
Air is replaced 6 times per hour. This can be calculated by multiplying the volume of the room (kitchen only) by 6. For instance: for a room of 5 x 4 x 2.5 metres, a minimum of 300m3 is required.

Restrictions for hood chimney
Hood chimney must be attached as short as possible and with as few corners as possible.
Most Boretti extractor hoods must be connected at 150 mm, please refer to the manual for the correct information. Reduction of the chimney results in a lot of resonance (noise) and decreases the suction capacity.
Installation of PLB and PLZ extractor hoods?
Mounting is possible through 6 wires that are twisted into the ceiling. Securing it can be done by removing the spotlights. It is also possible to secure the hood into a cove all around, without using the wires. See also the user manuals.
Which cables are attached to a PLB and PLZ extractor hood?
A 220V cable, a cable for use with a plasma filter (1 metre) and a connection for an external motor (1 metre).
How many metres of cable is there on an external motor?
The length of the cable is max. 7 metres.
How many metres of cable is there on a plasma filter?
The length of the cable is 0.5 metres.

Carbon filters
How often should I replace my carbon filters?
Every 3 to 6 months.