FAQ: Refrigerators & Freezers

Refrigerator and/or freezer doesn't cool properly
Is there enough space behind the refrigerator/freezer?
Is there a vent in the baseboard of the kitchen and on top of the device for extra air?
Refrigerator and/or freezer doesn't cool properly
Freezer compartment may be frozen over. Thawing for 24 hours with the refrigerator turned off (setting 0) and with both doors open might fix the issue.
Appliance makes a lot of noise
Does the noise change when you push against the refrigerator? If so, slightly move the refrigerator.
If the problem persists, please contact our service department through the service form or at 020-4363525.
There is water at the bottom of the refrigerator
The drain above the vegetable drawers is clogged.
Moisture and ice forms on the backside inside of the refrigerator
This is normal for a refrigerator.
Refrigerator and/or freezer makes a lot of noise
Nowadays, all refrigerators and freezers make more noise than they used to. This is normal phenomenon.