FAQ: Steam Ovens

  • Different steam systems

    There are two types of systems for steam ovens:

    • Dripping system
    • External boiler system


    The Boretti steam oven uses an external boiler, with direct steam injection. This means the oven space is less humid during use. The dishes are prepared better thanks to the superior mixture of steam and hot air.

  • Touch control operation is not working

    By disconnecting the power of the steam oven for 1 minute, it will be restarted. In most cases, the steam oven's controls will function again. If this problem persists, please contact Customer Service.

  • Demo setting

    The steam oven has a DEMO setting. The DEMO setting can be unlocked by pressing the symbol for interior lighting for at least 10 seconds.

  • Steam function stops working

    For the proper functioning of the steam function, it is important that the cover cap is correctly plugged into the oven space. This is usually the spot where the meat probe is connected, in the top of the oven.