Extended Warranty Conditions Hi-Five

Conditions for Extended Warranty Hi-Five Boretti B.V.

1. General
Boretti B.V. is the proprietor of Boretti and M-System. The products of these brands have been developed and produced with the utmost care. Boretti B.V. guarantees the quality of the items it delivers for a warranty period of 2 years after the purchase. Should a problem arise, Boretti B.V. provides a couple of assurances that you can call on, if necessary. In this document, you will find the warranty terms that apply to all Boretti and M-system kitchen appliances and outdoor products supplied by Boretti B.V. in the Benelux.
These extended warranty conditions are a supplement to Boretti B.V.'s warranty terms and do not affect the rights of consumers in any way. In addition, Boretti B.V. recognises the Consumer rights.

2. Extended warranty period
By using this form to register (within 2 months) the 4 or more Boretti and/or M-System kitchen appliances that you have purchased all at once on one invoice address, you extend the 2-year manufacturer warranty to 5 years of Hi-Five Warranty. The Hi-Five Warranty Certificate will then be sent to you within 2 months. This warranty begins after 2 years and ends 60 months after the delivery date as stated on the purchase receipt and may only be granted upon submission of the unaltered warranty certificate.
For requesting the Hi-Five Warranty, we kindly refer you to www.boretti.com/service/hi-five-garantieplan.
Please note: if a kitchen appliance is replaced within this term under extended warranty, the Hi-Five Warranty for this appliance will lapse. This extended warranty will still apply to the other kitchen appliances of course. This arrangement does not affect the courtesy arrangement as described in the warranty conditions of Boretti B.V. Every repair carried out by Boretti is subject to a 6-month warranty.

3. Coverage
The warranty covers all types of technical defects of kitchen equipment and outdoor products supplied by Boretti B.V. as a result of construction and material flaws, which may occur during normal use according to the manual and which arise and are reported within the warranty period. Boretti is obligated to repair the defect on-site, free of charge (if necessary by replacing defective parts). Should this not be possible, Boretti B.V. will decide to replace the entire product for a new appliance.
In doing so, Boretti reserves the right to replace a product that is no longer part of its selection with a model that is at least equivalent. In case your equipment malfunctions and you can't cook or cool as a result, Boretti B.V. will strive, if necessary after assessment by Boretti B.V., to provide you with a temporary substitute product as fast as possible. All parts replaced under the warranty arrangement become property of Boretti. These warranty terms apply to all the kitchen equipment and outdoor products in use and marketed by Boretti in the Benelux. The warranty described in this document is valid for consumer use. Products purchased through an auction are excluded from these warranty terms. For professional use, a 1-year warranty applies.

4. Service at home (the warranty process)

The repair or replacement will be performed at the customer's home, by the Boretti service department. If you would like to submit a warranty request, please contact our service department directly. The contact details can be found at the bottom of this document (you may also contact the dealership where you purchased the product, they will send your warranty request to Boretti B.V.).
Boretti strives to process your warranty claim no later than 36 hours after receipt. Next, in consultation with you, the service department staff will provide for a maximum repair (rectification) period of 1 business week. If an item that is not essential for operation is unexpectedly out of stock, then the rectification will be reasonably extended.

5. Organisational characteristics
Boretti B.V. has been officially certified with 5 stars by the independent Guarantee Institute Certimark. This is the highest possible rating. The corresponding certificate guarantees the quality of the service stipulated in the norm, service efficiency, and business process support in terms of warranty.
In addition, Boretti and M-System products have a CE mark. This confirms that the product complies with the applicable European Product Safety Guidelines.

6. Exceptions to the guarantee obligation
The guarantee obligation of Boretti shall lapse if one or more of the following circumstances arise.
Your warranty is not valid, if the malfunction, defect or damage:
- has been caused by repairs performed by an unauthorised repairer;
- is caused by unforeseen weather, such as lightning damage, fire damage and natural disasters;
- is a consequence of improper maintenance;
- has been inflicted intentionally (abuse, neglect);
- is the result of user errors, by not using the appliance according to the directions in the manual;
- is the direct consequence of changes/modifications to the kitchen appliance or outdoor product by a third party;
- is caused by failure to follow the installation instructions.

7. Other provisions
- The warranty is transferable to a new owner within the stated warranty period;
- This warranty only applies to products purchased from a Boretti B.V. authorised dealer;
- If there is no warranty applicable, we refer you to www.boretti.com/nl/service/reparatietarieven for the repair rates.

8. €59 personal contribution
After the first 2 years of manufacturer warranty have passed, Boretti B.V. will charge a one-time personal contribution of €59 for a service visit of the service department. This can be paid on-site in cash or by debit card.

9. Contact

Our service department staff will gladly assist you with questions regarding our kitchen appliances and outdoor products. For more information, please contact us on business days, from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 5 PM. You may use the following details to directly contact our service department:

Phone: +31(0)20-436 35 25